Tor Proxy Bundle

Download ProxAllium

ProxAllium is made for Windows and it should work with Windows XP and above.

The latest version of ProxAllium is v0.3-beta_hotfix with Tor

Download ProxAllium from these mirrors:

You should get a 7z archive with all of the necessary files required to get ProxAllium running. We recommend using 7-zip to extract the archive! All of the archives are signed, you can find the public key for verifcation here.

If you are looking for older versions, you can find them at GitHub’s releases page for ProxAllium or you can browse the download repository for ProxAllium at TuxFamily. (These folks even provide FTP access!)


Changes in future versions

Any changes listed here will be incorporated into the next future release

  • Support for bridges with pluggable transports obfs (all versions) and scramblesuit, GUI included for configuration

  • Added an option to start with Windows

  • Added an option to start minimized

  • Added an option to regenerate Tor configuration

  • Added an option to switch to clean Tor circuits

Fixed and changes
  • Tor Output now resets after starting Tor instead of resetting everytime Tor stops or crashes

  • Paths from configuration (config.ini) are no longer converted to absolute paths internally, this prevents use of absolute paths in the generated torrc file which may cause portability issues

v0.3-beta (GUI Goodness)

Finally out of alpha! :)

  • New GUI with buttons, text fields, menubar, status indicator etc.

  • Added "Hostname"

  • Added Tray Tips (ProxAllium will notify you about Tor)

  • Added multi-instance detection (ProxAllium will detect if it is already running)

Fixes and changes
  • Closing the Tor Output window will no longer prompt to stop Tor

  • AsciiDoc is used instead of Markdown

  • Fixed crashing if Tor was not initialized properly

  • Tor is handled better internally (ProxAllium can detect crashes now)

  • config.ini uses relative paths instead of absolute paths which can cause problems in a portable environment (Fixes #1)

  • UPX is no longer used to compile ProxAllium, this should reduce anti-virus false positives.

  • More minor internal changes

Changes independent of ProxAllium’s code
  • New website with documentation, screenshots, webchat etc!

v0.2-alpha (Featury Feast)

  • ProxAllium.exe now has its Product Version property filled

  • Added ability to show Error/Warning messages made by Tor

  • Added ability to Stop/Start Tor without restarting ProxAllium!

  • Added ability to auto-generate config.ini (Therefore there is no need to pack config.ini in the release packages)

  • Added support for HTTP(S) and SOCKS4/5 proxies (No GUI yet to configure these though)

Fixes and changes
  • Fixed a lot of bugs (including the bug where ProxAllium was not stopping Tor when exiting)

  • Optimisation and cleanup

  • Updated and

  • Changed the internal structure/workings/design of ProxAllium

  • Changed some text to be more meaningful

  • Changed Tor’s data directories location (You can now delete the data directory in Tor/data if you are upgrading)

  • Tor Output Window no longer asks for confirmation if Tor has already exited

  • ProxAllium no longer prompts to exit after closing Tor

(You can also view the complete code changes across the previous release if you want)

EDIT (23-02-2017): Added PGP signature to the list of downloads, you can find Dcoding The Web’s public key here.