ProxAllium is a Free and Open Source front-end for Tor which makes it easier for normal everyday people to make more out of Tor! With ProxAllium, you can circumvent censorship and be secure while using public internet hotspots (you can also be anonymous but only upto some extent).

Just run ProxAllium and now you have a working Tor circuit for you to use!

You can consult to the FAQ for more information.


ProxAllium is fully portable, it does not require any setup to be done and it does not mess with anything outside its own folder!

Just use any file archiver (7-zip is recommended) to extract the .7z file onto your computer, you can extract it to anywhere, it is your choice. The 7z archive/package contains a folder called ProxAllium and within it, you can find ProxAllium itself and other necessary files.

Now you can start using ProxAllium by executing ProxAllium.exe! Easy, isn’t it?

Mailing List (Email Updates)

I am no longer actively posting to the mailing list, so I do not recommend anyone to register, sorry.

Now you can get e-mail notifications for new releases and updates from ProxAllium’s Mailing List!


To subscribe, send a mail with subscribe as the subject to, then reply to the confirmation mail sent by If for some reason you are not able to subscribe, you can contact me asking to add your e-mail to the mailing list…​ I won’t bite by the way!

Precautions and Information

  1. Your Email is private and is not distributed to anyone!

  2. You will receive emails updates from, so make sure that it is in your whitelist/address book/contacts. You don’t want to find those important notifications in your spam folder!

  3. Do no reply to email notifications! They will not reach anyone, the mailing list only accepts emails from administrators

  4. To unsubscribe, just follow the same procedure as Subscribing except use unsubscribe as the subject of the email


What does it do?

ProxAllium’s goal is to make using Tor (Not to be confused with Tor Browser) easier for normal everyday users. It’s basically a front-end for Tor, except that it tries to be more than that.

How is it different from Tor Browser (Bundle)?

It is not a replacement for the TBB, ProxAllium does not come with any browser! You should configure your own browser to work with Tor. Don’t worry because it’s really easy! You just have to use the proxy created by Tor. The method for using the proxy created by Tor is the same as using a traditional SOCKS proxy.

Where do I download ProxAllium?

You can find the 7-zip packages at the Releases page.

How do I make it start on startup?

Use the Automatically start with Windows option (in Menu → Options → Startup).

I have a question, where can I ask?

You can consult to the "Chat" page on ProxAllium’s website.

Credits & Acknowledgments

Programming Language

Thanks to Jonathan Bennett & AutoIt Team for creating a wonderful scripting language called AutoIt! All of ProxAllium’s code is 100% pure AutoIt.


Thanks to The Tor Project for creating a wonderful thing called Tor. Tor enables millions of people to be anonymous and circumvent censorship!

ProxAllium’s Icon

The icon for ProxAllium is a combined effort from many talented graphic artists…​ that excludes me.

  • Onion Icon made by Roundicons from

  • Computer Icon made by Madebyoliver from

  • World Server Icon made by Prosymbols from

  • Double Headed Arrow Icon made by Freepik from

All of these icons were compiled into one by me. was used to create the final ico file!


Thanks to GitHub (Code and Issue Tracker Hosting), Tux Family (Whole array of services to FOSS projects) and OFTC (IRC Network) for providing such generous services!


For using ProxAllium!